2017 Season is right around the corner!

The raspberry fields are looking great.  We have had a lot of moisture this spring and some unseasonably hot weather, and the raspberries seem to be preparing to burst forth with this year’s crop.  We will update this website when we determine the opening of the YOU PICK IT fields. 

Our STORE is open every day beginning July 1. 

The CAFE will open August 1.


The brilliant sun, cool to cold nights, rich salt free valley soil, and afternoon rains combine to produce a berry that is sweet, firm, and filled with flavor. Nestled in the eastern foothills of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range the Salman Raspberry Ranch consists of six acres of raspberries grown with attention to every detail. The field is hand weeded, watered from the snowy run off of the mountains that frame this lovely valley, and fertilized as needed based on soil readings. No herbicides or pesticides are used on the crop, and customers often eat their berries straight from the vine. Surrounding the berry field are crops of alfalfa and grass, flowers which are picked for bouquets in the Ranch Store, a vegetable garden, and the honey bee hives which help to grow the lush crops. The air is frequently redolent with the fragrance of freshly cut hay and warmed by the ever present sun which is part of the allure of this "Big Sky" country.

Six different varieties of raspberry (carolinas, autumn brittens and autumn bliss, heritage, polentas, and polkas) are grown on the Ranch, each with a slightly different flavor and maturing at slightly different times. Each berry is distinct in its shape, texture, and to some extent taste. When ripe the berries are deep red in color and detach easily from the cane. Raspberries have been grown by the Salman Family since 1982, and the decades of experience with this crop is seen in the quality of the fruit produced. Year after year the same customers reappear at the Berry House, waiting in line for their picking containers and anxious to begin to gather the berries that, in many cases,  having frozen them whole and without sugar, will last them until next year's crop is ready to be harvested.

The U Pick It Field is a perfect family outing. CHILDREN LOVE IT; many of them have never had the opportunity to actually harvest the food they eat.  DOGS, on leashes love to pick up the berries dropped on the ground, especially labradors, and more particularly, yellow ones.  After picking until your two, four, or ten pound containers are filled, a trip to the CAFE for a salad or a sandwich or Frito pie along with something really sweet and cold like the SALMAN RANCH RASPBERRY SUNDAES is a perfect way to top off your visit..  And then on your way home, stop for the delicious raspberry jam (use your berries for other delicacies), vinegar, or topping, along with other interesting food items, hand picked for their quality and uniqueness.  

About The Field

The U Pick It Raspberry Field is typically open from mid-August until mid-October. THE CROP IS TOTALLY WEATHER DEPENDENT and in past years has been opened as early as late July and has closed as late as Halloween. 

Field Hours
The field is typically open Tuesday through Sunday, 10am - 4pm. It is occasionally closed on either Mondays or Fridays, depending on field conditions.   For current field conditions look at the "Today At The Ranch" section in the header on this website or call us toll free 866-281-1515.

Field Attire
We do have lots of hungry mosquitos in the field right now, so come prepared.  Very casual, long sleeves to protect from the sun, a hat, sun screen, insect repellant.  We suggest a light jacket or layering up for early morning picking into the month of October.

Raspberries from the field cost $6.00 per pound. WE DO ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS for the berries you have picked, however you will be asked to take your receipt for your berries to the store where the card will be run through the Store register.  You will then be given a receipt to take back to the field hut where your berries will await you.

Containers for picking and for transporting berries home are provided. 

What You've Said

"I get orders for pounds of these berries, and I always say, pick your own, these are just for me!"

Pia R., Santa Fe, NM