Raspberry Fields Forever



October 6,2013:  With two frigid nights in a row, the Berry Field took its leave.  The canes waves quietly in the Fall breeze.  Berries hide low on the cane in an attempt to avoid the cold.  They are smaller, sweater, and less robust.  So, after a busy week-end we close the Field for the 2013 Season.  Even with the dreadfully cold winter of 2012-13, the beastly hot, dry spring and then the drenching rains of September the crop persisted, and the berries, once they came in, were full and red and luscious.  Thank all of you for your visits to us, you were such good sports and shared your enthusiasm for our Ranch with us which made us very happy indeed.  We hope your Autumn is lovely, your holidays filled with joy.  Think of us when you are sending out gifts as our raspberry products made from this year’s berries are to die for.  Do take care and come see us next summer.  We can hardly wait.  Salman Ranch



8:30 October 3rd:  We had a very busy week in the Field, closed on Monday but open Tuesday through Friday the 4th.  WE WILL BE OPEN THE WEEK-END OF OCTOBER 5TH AND 6TH IF WE ESCAPE THE VERY COLD WEATHER PREDICTED FOR BOTH FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT.  YOU MUST CALL US AT 866-281-1515 BEFORE YOU COME ON THE 5th or the 6th OCTOBER.  Of course, the Cafe(for a couple of days past the freeze) and the Store (throughout the year) will be open but the Field may be closed for the season.  It has been a terrific season once the berries came in but they were three weeks late and now it looks like the Field will close ten days early.  Such is the life of a farmer.


8:30pm, September 29th:  WE ESCAPED THE FREEZE!!!  We had two nights, Friday and Saturday of just above freezing temperature but the berries were only slowed down abit.  We had a very busy day in the Field on both Saturday and Sunday, and will be closing the Field on Monday, the 30th just for the day.  We will reopen on Tuesday,  October 1st at 10:00am and close at 4:00pm.  We intend to be open throughout the week, although we are not sure about Friday October 4th.  Please stay tuned to this site and as soon as we have some idea of the vibrancy of the Field we will let you know about Friday.  We plan to be open Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of Oct. weather permitting. 

The berries are smaller but sweeter and our guests seemed to have a great time eating and picking them.  Most left the Field covered in berry juice and smiling with their white baskets swinging at their side.  More later, but it looks like we might have at least a couple of more weeks of fun the Field.  Everyone is raving about our raspberry pie (in the Cafe)  covered in soft vanilla ice cream and bathed in raspberry topping.  It is almost toooo much.


6:30 pm Monday, Sept 23rd.  It was a quiet day in the Field, chilly but with a promise of warmer weather as the week progresses.  I will probably not update this site until Thursday or so as weekdays in the Field tend to be less busy.  On Thursday I will update for the week-end of the 27th, 28th, and 29th Sept. (Field time is 10am to 4pm)  The trees are still green and autumn seems to be taking its time arriving in northern New Mexico;  it feels a lot like an Indian Summer right now.  This is perfect Raspberry Picking Weather.  Call ahead for the latest field conditions, 866-281-1515

8:35 pm Sunday, Sept. 22nd.  WOW:What a week-end we had in the Raspberry U Pick It Field.  We had scads of visitors and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves—picked pounds of berries, enjoyed the beautiful weather (except for a half hour rain on Saturday right before closing), shopped with their Discounts in the Store, and ate frito pie, raspberry pie, and raspberry sundaes galore in the Cafe.  The Field was filled with raspberry covered children, dogs on leashes, and parents totting pounds of berries to the windows to be weighed and put into carry home white baskets.  We gave everyone a discount if they picked ten or more pounds (a dollar off each pound), and it was little effort to get to the ten pound weight.  We supply tubs to pick into and baskets to carry your berries home in, and that works better than bringing your own containers, but we will weigh your containers if you insist, before you begin to pick into it in the Field.

We plan to keep the Field open daily, weather permitting, but we do suggest that you call 866-281-1515 before you come just to be extra safe.  PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE AT 4:00 EXPECTING TO PICK.  Really 3:30 is about the last time to arrive and have any quality time in the Field.

Take care, more later, Field will be open, weather permitting, Monday the 23rd. and the rest of the week.  We will update this page regularly.


5:10 pm Saturday the 21st, Sept.  We had a record breaking day in the Field.  It is awash with berries even after all of our guests in the Field.  We had to stop at 3:30 due to a very heavy shower, so if you come tomorrow you will find lots and lots of beautiful berries and some mud.  Bring two pair of shoes; one to pick in and one to wear home.  Everyone commented on how lush the berries are this year.  We do so hope you check us out!!! We will open at 10:00 am and close at 4:00 pm assuming it does not rain anymore tonight (the sky is bright blue right now), and it does not rain tomorrow afternoon as it did today.  Call for the latest weather report 866-281-1515

9:30 pm Thursday 19th Sept.  Another productive, berry filled day at La Cueva.  We will be open tomorrow, Sept. 20th, 10am to 4pm, lots and lots of berries, Cafe, Store, and Gardens await your arrival.  This week-end (September 21st and 22nd) should be a killer week-end in the Field.  So, so many berries and not predicting rain except for an occasional shower at most.  Call us, 866-281-1515 for more info.  WE DO HOPE YOU CAN VISIT US.  THE BERRIES ARE JUST LOVELY.

7:10pm September 18th:  It was another busy day in the Raspberry U Pick It Field.  We had a brief shower in the afternoon, delayed picking for a short time, and all there returned to the Field to finish filling their white baskets with red, luscious berries.  We will be open tomorrow, at 10:00am, close at 4:00 (please do not show up at 3:45 and expect to pick beyond the 4:00pm close time).  Again, call before you come, 866-281-1515 so to be as sure as we can be about your trip to our Ranch.  We plan to be open on Friday the 20th and straight through the 21st and 22nd. if Mother Nature agrees.  (the weather predictions look very, very hopeful)  Look forward to seeing you.  Drive carefully.

8::00pm September 17th; it was a lovely day in the Field.  a brief shower followed by billowing clouds and sun.  The field is full of beautiful berries.  Hope you can visit tomorrow, the 18th.  We will be open 10am to 4pm, lunch in Cafe and discount in the Store after a successful day in the Field.  Call ahead for latest field conditions:866-281-1515.

7:20 am., September 17th.  No rain last night so the Field should be abit more dry.  Plan to open at 11:00am, stay open until 4:00pm weather permitting.  Lots of beautiful berries, but bring two pair of shoes, you will need the extra pair to drive home in.  The Cafe and Store open today.  Hope to see you.  call ahead for latest report on weather and the Field, 866-281-1515

8:00 am, Sept. 16th.  A light rain last night will keep the field muddy, but we will open it at 11:00am today, until 4:00pm, weather permitting.  Yesterday people were wonderful sports, leaving the field with pounds of beautiful berries and pounds of really rich earth adhering to their shoes.  Please bring two pair of shoes, one to pick in and one to drive in.  If you have rubber boots, pick in those.  WE WILL KEEP THE FIELD OPEN EVERY DAY THIS WEEK THROUGH THURSDAY, WEATHER PERMITTING.  We might close Friday to insure lots of berries over the week-end of 20th of September.  The Cafe will be open every day except Monday, and the Store will be open daily.  Call ahead to be sure of the Field conditions, 866-281-1515.

7:45 am, Sept. 15th.  Rain last night will delay the opening of the Raspberry Field until 12:00 am today.  Should be able to pick ten pounds or more of berries standing in one spot.  We are overwhelmed with the fruit and hope you can be distracted from this crazy weather for an hour or two today.  The Field will close at 4:00 so all can be safely at home before nightfall.  Call ahead, 866-281-1515.


5:00 pm, September14th:  No rain today, the field has dried out alot so it will be open Sunday the 15th., 10:00am to 4:00pm. (We close the Field at 4:00 so please do not plan to start picking after 3:30 pm)  Call ahead to make sure we did not get more rain tonight, but it looks good and there are tons of berries out there.  We look forward to hearing from you, 1-866-281-1515 and to seeing you enjoy our Field which is finally producing wonderful fruit!!

7:00 am., September 14th:  More rain last night, the Field is closed but we are optimistic that it will be open this coming week.  We hope all our customers are safe and have not experienced damage to their home or injury to their loved ones. 

7:00pm September 13th:  We had a steady drizzle/rain all day.  So far no flooding, and the field is almost red in color there are so many berries.  If it does not rain tonight, big if, we might try and open it for a period on Saturday, but we will have to wait and see.  If we do open it you would have to expect a fair amount of mud (means two pair of shoes, or rubbers),  and a willingness to be abit damp. We will update the page tomorrow morning, Saturday the 14th.  Next week should be absolutely great, sometime after the week-end.  More later.  Salman Ranch

6:45 pm, September 12th:  It rained all day today so the Field will not be open on Friday the 13th.  We will update this page at the end of the day on Friday.  Without more rain we should be able to open on Saturday the 14th but we await the weather.  Keep calling and we will keep updating this site.  Salman Ranch

6:00 pm September 11th.  No rain today, nice sun and fluffy clouds.  We plan to be open tomorrow, Sept. 12th, but you need to call ahead in case it rains tonight and we get rained out again, 866-281-1515.  There are lots of beautiful berries in the Field, and we would love to have you visit on the 12th.  We also plan to be open on the week-end, Sept 14th and 15, again, weather permitting. Please stay in touch with us by phone and by going to this site and the Header on the top of the opening page of the website.  Thanks, drive carefully.  We look forward to your visit.  Salman Ranch

7:30 am, September 11th.  It rained, steadily, throughout the night, much needed, but it will close our field for today, Wednesday the 11th.  We will have more information tonight.  Stay dry.  Salman Ranch

September 10, 2013:  a slow, steady rain this evening will leave the Field happy but wet.  If you plan to come on Wednesday the 11th bring two pair of shoes, one for picking, one for driving home.  Please call the Ranch Store, 866-281-1515 before you come to make sure the rain has stopped and picking is possible.  If not tomorrow, maybe Thursday or this week-end the 14th and 15th will be prime picking.  DO CALL FOR THE VERY LATEST UPDATE.  Salman Ranch

September 8, 2013.  Fewer berries to pick today so we will let the field rest for two days, Monday the 9th and Tuesday the 10th.  We should have berries in the Store on those days but call ahead.  866-281-1515.  We plan to open the Field on Wednesday the 11th, and if we have enough berries we will be open on Thursday the 12th as well. We’ll update the header for Thursday and be sending out another email.  We also plan to be open on the the week-end of the 14th and 15th, but as always we request you call ahead or check the Header on this website.  Lots of berries and they appear to be ripening.  We wish all of you a happy and healthy week of the 9th.  Salman Ranch

September 7, 2013:  We had a large crowd today and most everyone left with two to four lbs.  We were limiting families to six pounds and individuals to less so everyone who came to pick would leave with some lovely red berries.  The field is beginning to change colors and should become more productive day by day.  PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU COME FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE DESCRIPTION OF THE FIELD. (1-866-281-1515)  We will be closed Monday the 9th, and are unsure about the rest of the week.  We hope to be open on Tuesday and Wednesday, but we are not yet sure…. We typically pick until October 14th which is our first killing frost although that varies. I wish we could be more precise but Mother Nature is fickle and we have no control over her moods!!

September 3, 2013.  We picked 15 flats of berries today for the Store and also berries for our jam making.  The field is turning red and should be very good picking for our U Pick It Crowd this week-end, the 7th and 8th.  We will be closed until then but hope to be open mid week after this week-end.  Plan on a visit throughout the month of September and into October.  Checking our closing date, we generally are open until the 14th of October when that first killing frost occurs.  Look forward to your visit.  Salman Ranch

September 2, 2013.  We were able to pick berries on Saturday the 31st and Sunday, September 1st, and even though it took some work, our U Pick It Crowd had a good time.  They loved the raspberry pie in the Cafe, the great raspberry sundaes, fresh salads, frito pies, and tamales smothered in chile.  And the gardens were gorgeous.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time. We also had some lovely perennials for sale on the Store porch, and our crowd snapped them up. We will be closed Tuesday the 3rd September and Wednesday the 4th in the raspberry field, but the Cafe will be open and the Store, and we would love to have you visit.  We will update this site on a daily basis.  Salman Ranch



AUGUST 16TH,  2013:  We finally got rain.  THE FIELD LOOKS AS GOOD AS IT EVER HAS.  The berry canes are robust, and we are starting to find blossoms and berries throughout the field.  It takes approximately three weeks from blossom to mature berry.  WE PLAN TO OPEN THE FIELD ON AUGUST 31,(THE SATURDAY OF LABOR DAY WEEK-END).  We have been having lots of rain, and the crop has been slow to mature.  What we now need is SUN.  PLEASE CALL US BEFORE YOU COME FOR THE VERY LATEST INFORMATION ON THE BERRY U PICK IT FIELD.  1-866-281-1515 It should be a wonderful year for picking.  We are also going to be offering the chile berry,as long as supplies last,  at a dollar off a jar (up to a case of 12 of the product, per customer) when you have picked in the field and bring the coupon to the Store. You will receive a coupon off receipt from the Berry House to bring to the Store.  It will be redeemable for our products as we have them available.  The Cafe opens on Tuesday the 20th of August.

Keep in touch with the daily header and this page of the website for more current updates.  and….  Plan your trip to visit us.  Salman Ranch


The brilliant sun, cool to cold nights, rich salt free valley soil, and afternoon rains combine to produce a berry that is sweet, firm, and filled with flavor. Nestled in the eastern foothills of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range the Salman Raspberry Ranch consists of six acres of raspberries grown with attention to every detail. The field is hand weeded, watered from the snowy run off of the mountains that frame this lovely valley, and fertilized as needed based on soil readings. No herbicides or pesticides are used on the crop, and customers often eat their berries straight from the vine. Surrounding the berry field are crops of alfalfa and grass, flowers which are picked for bouquets in the Ranch Store, a vegetable garden, and the honey bee hives which help to grow the lush crops. The air is frequently redolent with the fragrance of freshly cut hay and warmed by the ever present sun which is part of the allure of this "Big Sky" country.

Six different varieties of raspberry (carolinas, autumn brittens and autumn bliss, heritage, polentas, and polkas) are grown on the Ranch, each with a slightly different flavor and maturing at slightly different times. Each berry is distinct in its shape, texture, and to some extent taste. When ripe the berries are deep red in color and detach easily from the cane. Raspberries have been grown by the Salman Family since 1982, and the decades of experience with this crop is seen in the quality of the fruit produced. Year after year the same customers reappear at the Berry House, waiting in line for their picking containers and anxious to begin to gather the berries that, in many cases,  having frozen them whole and without sugar, will last them until next year's crop is ready to be harvested.

The U Pick It Field is a perfect family outing. CHILDREN LOVE IT; many of them have never had the opportunity to actually harvest the food they eat.  DOGS, on leashes love to pick up the berries dropped on the ground, especially labradors, and more particularly, yellow ones.  After picking until your two, four, or ten pound containers are filled, (some have picked several hundred dollars worth), a trip to the CAFE for a salad or a sandwich or frito pie along with something really sweet and cold like the SALMAN RANCH RASPBERRY SUNDAES is clearly in order.  And then on your way home, stop for the delicious raspberry jam (use your berries for other delicacies), vinegar, or topping, along with other tasty food items, hand picked, for their quality and uniqueness.  The RANCH STORE  walls are covered in local art and the beautiful photography of Karl Koenig who captures northern New Mexico is all its eccentricity and uniquenes

About The Field

The U Pick It Raspberry Field is typically open from mid-August until mid-October. THE CROP IS TOTALLY WEATHER DEPENDENT and it has been open as early as the later part of July and has closed as late as Halloween.

Field Hours
The field is typically open Tuesday through Sunday, 10am - 4pm. It is occasionally closed on either Mondays or Fridays, depending on field conditions.   For current field conditions look at the "Today At The Ranch" section in the header on this website or call us toll free 866-281-1515.

Field Attire
Very casual, long sleeves to protect from the sun, a hat, sun screen, insect repellant.  We suggest a light jacket or layering up for early morning picking into the month of October.

Raspberries from the field cost $6.00 per pound. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS IN THE FIELD, cash or check please....  If you must use your credit card you will be asked to take your receipt for your berries to the Store where the card will be run through the Store register.  You will then be given a receipt to take back to the Field where your berries will await you.

Field Freebies

  • Containers for picking and for transporting berries home
  • A Salman Ranch Store discount card to be used on a variety of items in the Store.  If you do not like what is discounted when you go to the Store, save your discount card and bring it back.  Perhaps an item you covet will be available then.

What You've Said

"This is such a treat for our children, and even for our doggie.  Such fun..."

Belinda, Abq., NM